LeaseWorx supports your entire vehicle lease workflow from prospecting and quick quoting, to producing contracts with account management, through to lease termination.

Our easy to use LeaseWorx vehicle leasing software is ideal for car leasing or short term rental operations. With a very low total cost of ownership and the ability to integrate with your financial or accounting software, LeaseWorx is perfectly suited for independent vehicle leasing companies or car dealer groups.

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Why Change to LeaseWorx

The DEALERMethods team is committed to working with you to provide a Vehicle Leasing Management solution that  increase revenues and  lower costs  like never before!

Ease of use

Customer information is entered only once throughout the process. Designed with input from industry users, the software has the familiar windows style, but worked to present an intuitive flow. The ease of use shortens the time needed for new hires to become productive. Extensive time has been spent to make customer data input as easy and straight forward as possible.

Sales Process Control

The system will route lease quotes from the sales rep to all specified managers for approval before it will be offered to the customer for signature. The streamlining the leasing workflow from quote to contract assures document accuracy, security and accountability, while providing continuous tracking of the sales cycle.


Customers requiring support have the peace of mind of knowing that the software is supported by experienced, dedicated specialists that will come on-site if necessary to assure that issues are addressed and managed the first time. Please see the support page for more details.

Reporting tools

A rich reporting system that helps you easily create charts and summary reports and also supports forecasting. There are 18 Tabular Reports that have chart options and the reports are exportable.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

LeaseWorx includes an easy-to-use, yet powerful, customer relationship management (CRM) solution that drives sales performance through increased productivity by automating key aspects of the selling cycle and maximizing team selling effectiveness. Built on advanced sales tools will help you make informed decisions based on accurate visibility of the sales pipeline. DEALERMethods‘ CRM helps your business to acquire, retain and develop profitable customer relationships.


The product is always being updated and improved to keep up with the most current technology available on the market. DEALERMethods continuously maintains its software freeing you from budgeting for any unexpected technology related costs. Savings that can surpass the original purchase price of the software in just 2 years!

All aspects of LeaseWorx can be tailored to match and enhance your current operations and branding.

LeaseWorx Vehicle Leasing Software Features

Here are just some of the many features included with the LeaseWorx vehicle leasing management software:

  • Support for both standard Rental and extended Rental.
  • Customer information is entered only once throughout the process.
  • Familiar windows interface, includes support for tablets.
  • Integrates your lease data seamlessly with most commercial applications
  • Robust Data and System security.
  • Built-in support to import and export leasing data (permission sensitive).
  • Rich report system including charts and summary reports.
  • Support for forecasting with historical overlays.

How LeaseWorx Calculates

Best practices software powerful enough to calculate the way you do…

Work-flow based, Enter customer information once

Adaptable calculation engines

Calculations in APR, DB or Money Factor

Final document generation can be matched to your current documents

Calculations accurate to .008 of a cent

On screen, One button calculation for buy-outs

LeaseWorx Wholesale Vehicle Leasing Software Features

Here are a few of the many features included with LeaseWorx Wholesale vehicle leasing management software:

  • All the features of the retail product except for the Quick Quote feature.
  • Ability to have multiple vehicles on a single lease (up to 10).
  • A Lease may be either a ‘Closed’ (Guaranteed Residual/Buyout amount) or ‘Open’ lease (a variable Residual/Buyout amount).
  • Simplified screens for Account managers to approve their own quotes and contracts.
  • One touch buyout amount featuring Interest Adjustment.
  • Import your existing data also exporting of data also available (permission sensitive).

Car Subscriptions

OEM Subscription Software

Subscription is a profit option the industry has needed for a while and is now available.

DealerMethods’ package is very profitable for the OEM, their dealers and will have strong customer retention.

The software is designed to be extremely easy for salespeople to use.

The software will work in your portal or as a stand-alone application and is configurable according to your operational standards.

  • Profits not lost by residuals
  • Increased new vehicle sales
  • Dealer level supported income
  • Strong Customer retention

Lease Return Subscription Software

There is an abundance of vehicles coming off lease over the next few years. This will inevitably drive down prices further for used vehicles making lease returns more difficult to move profitably…

There is an answer…Month-to-Month Subscription.

Similar to a cell phone contract, it is vehicle leasing that falls between a daily rental and a longer-term lease.

  • Too many certified pre-owned vehicles on your lot?
  • Dropping wholesale used-vehicle prices?
  • Do you see this trend continuing?
  • Are you at a loss on how to solve these issues?
Subscription will give you:

  • Ongoing cash flow
  • Dramatic reduction of off lease losses
  • Customer Retention (New lease return options)
  • New customer growth (interested in this new option) (millennials)

LeaseWorx Vehicle Leasing Management Support

DEALERMethods Customer Care support services include help desk support that is available 10×5, 7a-6p (Eastern Time). DEALERMethods provides software services including telephone and online technical support, software updates and upgrades, and self-help tools and notifications.

We will also come see you!

Onsite support from DEALERMethods national support teams is available so you are never left to figure it out for yourself.

On-site Training:

Our training focuses on each employee’s needs. We work with them until they are confident and comfortable maneuvering through their regular daily tasks.


We know that a seamless transition to your new system is critical!

As your long term partner, we will work with your staff to ensure they are prepared to take full ownership of the new software. Senior engineers following proven installation methods ensure the highest system availability possible, even during the roll-out.

Customized Set-up:

Support from the original software builder meaning that you can leverage our technical engineers’ expertise for assistance when adding a non DEALERMethods software package to your network. DEALERMethods engineers know the system best and are always available to assist.


Why DEALERMethods Corporation?

DEALERMethods‘s people are the heart and energy source of the company.

DEALERMethods employees bring together in-depth technical and industry knowledge with proven business skills and track records of success. DEALERMethods provides our employees an opportunity to use and expand their expertise in a rapidly growing and dynamic environment.

We’re currently looking for experienced professionals to join our team. If you have the proven ability to lead companies down a path of continuous improvement, the ability to uncover needs and deliver value, and the interpersonal skills required to build lasting relationships with corporate leaders, you may want to consider a career with DEALERMethodsDEALERMethods offers an exciting, fast-paced business environment where hard work and creativity are rewarded.

Please review the detailed job descriptions and apply on line.